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About Mango Sales Rewards

Mango Sales recruiters are prolific networkers, always looking to expand and extend our existing nexus of recruitment consultants. We do our best to meet as many proven recruiters as we can, however, we can’t know everyone, that’s why we turn to friends, family and colleagues of existing and potential recruitment consultants. Referrals are proven time and again to provide the most engaged, committed, long-standing and successful recruiters.

When you refer a friend or colleague looking for a career in recruitment to Mango Sales, we will reward you with up to £1,000.00* to say thanks. The Mango Sales referral scheme is one of the most generous in the industry.

All we need from you is a name and contact number of the person you know will be a success as a recruiter, we take care of everything else. Call Mango Sales on 01908 553 189.


Terms & Conditions

After the successful completion of the candidate’s probation period, typically 12-16 weeks, and Mango Sales being in receipt of full payment from the client, you will be rewarded based on the following schedule.

Up to the value of:

  • £5,000.00 = £250.00
  • £5,001.00 – £7,000.00  = £375.00
  • £7,001.00 – £9,000.00  = £500.00
  • £9,001.00 – £11,000.00 = £750.00
  • £11,001.00+ = £1000.00

No fee will be paid to a Referee if Mango Sales has worked with a Candidate in the preceding twelve months. If the Candidate is referred by more than one individual or company, the initial referer will receive the fee. In the event of any disputed fee, Mango Sales will make the final decision after considering all the circumstances and their decision is final.

Let’s Talk

Whether you’re a candidate or you’re hiring, we’re happy to hear from everyone! Please complete your details and one of the team will be in contact soon.