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Hello! We’re a recruitment-to-recruitment agency in Milton Keynes with a solid reputation for expertise and delivery.

Securing Top talent


As a recruitment agency owner you already know the importance of securing top talent for your clients. Recruitment-to-recruitment consultancies are doubly aware of this fact and we are your quiet heroes that source and secure the personnel that allow your business to grow and meet your service delivery requirements.


Don't break the bank

Like any other, the recruitment industry has its share of good and bad consultants. Employing new team members can be costly, so you need to ensure your recruitment budget is spent wisely. Mango Sales qualify every consultant and expedite the process where possible to ensure you secure the employees quickly and within budget.

Personal Touch


Vital to meeting your goals is knowing that Mango Sales insist that each candidate we work with agrees to work with Mango Sales on an exclusive basis. Our active candidates are only available through Mango Sales, giving us the edge over our competitors and allowing us to deliver only the most serious recruitment candidates.


Through targeting

We identify, headhunt and make the the initial contact with only the best recruitment consultants in your market. We don’t use job boards to source our candidates and every recruiter agrees to work with Mango Sales on an exclusive basis.


We start your recruitment process

Our comprehensive pre-screening sorts the wheat from the chaff. Our consultants get to the nitty gritty, cutting the candidates that don’t meet our stringent requirements and selecting recruitment consultants with a sound work history and solid billing experience.


We take care of the nitty gritty

Face-to-face interviewing, employment history, billing history, client references and more are all undertaken (depending on your specific requirements) to ensure that before you even see a candidate profile, Mango Sales are working with the best candidates who are properly qualified for your requirements.

Let’s Talk

Whether you’re a candidate or you’re hiring, we’re happy to hear from everyone! Please complete your details and one of the team will be in contact soon.