What We Do

We’re a recruitment-to-recruitment agency with years of experience and a reputation for finding who you want, when you want.

Mango Sales

With almost a decade of operating experience and countless years of shared commercial recruitment practice, the team at Mango Sales have a deep understanding of the recruitment market that’s hard to match.


Mango Sales only work with candidates agreeing to be represented by us exclusively. Our candidates come with the Mango promise that you will not see candidate profiles delivered to you by any other rec-to-rec agency.


We invest heavily in the tools that our recruiters need to find and place the best recruitment talent.

About Us

We are rec-to-rec experts and the first choice of innumerable recruitment agencies throughout the UK, Europe, and North America.

From the start we shunned the job-board-sourcing recruitment model, instead training every Mango consult in the refined art of headhunting.

It’s our investment in technology, coupled with our key personnel and first-rate people skills, that shine through to every candidate and client interaction.

Working with a range of technical recruiters allows us to offer you vacancies with the greatest variety of specialisms in agencies across the UK. Generalist or specialist, our clients operate in every techno-specialism from ActiveX to XML (and everything in between).

From bespoke finance recruiters, to multinationals supplying to the biggest banks across the globe, if you have the experience, we have the clients to allow you to apply your knowledge and drive you career forward.

We work with agencies big and small across the UK who place permanent, temporary and interim accountancy and finance professionals. Whether you specialise in bookkeepers or finance directors, Mango Sales clients are ready to utilise and reward your skills.

The energy sectors are super-dynamic and constantly evolving. Recruiters love them for the excitement and their fast-paced natures, our clients love the energy markets for the exciting personalities and generous revenues. Mango Sales’ oil, gas, energy and EPC division works globally to secure amazing people for the world’s top energy agencies.

Growing industries in the UK’s super-specialised commercial landscape, pharmaceuticals and life sciences represent a driving force in UK employment. If you have the experience, we have the organisations to make the most of your specialised talents.

As the creative worlds continue to expand and the digital and media industries continue to innovate and evolve, so does the recruitment world that supplies to these dynamic sectors. Boutique or big brand, Mango Sales works with the hippest, most exciting recruiters in the business.

High-end recruitment, headhunting, substantial commissions, however you view the executive recruitment market, it is vibrant and incredibly rewarding. Mango Sales works with the top agencies operating exclusively in the executive search market.

Working with people at the start of their career is one of the most rewarding areas of the recruitment industry. Fresh-faced and eager to learn, graduates and those looking for entry-level positions are the people that drive the UK’s economy.

Working onsite, internally or as an in-house recruiter brings challenges that other recruiters don’t experience. Knowing what makes you different and the challenges you face allows us to secure you the best positions with organisations big and small.

Let’s Talk

Whether you’re a candidate or you’re hiring, we’re happy to hear from everyone! Please complete your details and one of the team will be in contact soon.